“This is Tyler while taking his CBD Living Water. The end photo I just took. After not taking his CBD Living Water, the last two days he has been couch locked, unable to walk by himself and very lethargic. Once this CPS nonsense is over and he goes back on his CBD, I will update everyone. This is the power of a plant based oil combined with COQ10. I want my Tyler back! His story needs to be heard. I’m afraid if he doesn’t change he will be in the ER later tonight. But first, I have to deal with the CPS nonsense. Priorities… If he has a single seizure, screw CPS he’s going to ER.

I can’t praise CBD living water enough. Not only are their products superb, their customer service is just as great! I know several of my friends have ordered it and love it since we tried it. I hope to see this Company on shelves in Kentucky soon. If you ordered and tried can you comment below? I can’t remember who all inquired about it, but is was a lot of people. Also, if you haven’t already, go and check out their page. I know you’ll like it!

Tyler got back on his Hemp CBD Friday after CPS closed the investigation. Look at him now!! His movement disorder of the left side of his mouth cane back I’d guess from being off the CBD. I expect it to disappear again in the next couple days. CBD does amazing things! Again, thank you to all who supported us though this, and Happy Birthday to Gunnar! Thanks for letting Tyler play your guitar with your band, dude! ? “

Lexington, KY

“I was diagnosed several years ago with COPD, Interstitial Lung Disease and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder with no cure in sight for any of the aforementioned so I do the best I can. The aches and pains are daily and not worth listing but the lack of sleep and anxiety one feels when short of breath is truly scary!

Recently I was told about your CBD Living Water and I was to say the least very skeptical but to my surprise it had a very calming effect on me and allowed me to fall asleep without the sleep aid drugs I have taken for some time now not to mention it tastes so clean and refreshing I thought I had the best filtration on my home but nothing compared to the taste of your product.

On a second note My Wife who is a Cancer survivor and recently as of two years ago a Brain Tumor surgery added she felt the CBD Living Water has taken away her Anxiety without causing her to feel medicated leaving her calm and in control.

I would have found this all hard to believe if I have not lived what I am describing in this letter and witnessed my wife relaxing except when I won’t share my Living Water with her haha.”

Howard Rudolph
New York City 9/11 Responder

“Jessica was diagnosed at 18 months of age with bilateral optic gliomas. That was June 2nd 2015. After multiple MRIs here in the springs her family started making the trip to Childrens Hospital in Aurora. With each scan the gliomas kept growing, doubling in size from 9 millimeters at first, to 18 by 15 millimeters. In April of this year, I met this family and gave them their first bottle of CBD Living Water for Jessica to try.

It has been just over six months of her drinking CBD water and her gliomas have drastically shrunk down to 12 by 12 millimeters and the water is the only thing that has worked, and brought a change in the bad news that her and her family had been getting for a year straight..(My wife and I cannot thank you enough, that there is now hope that our little girl will not have to endure the doctors plans of chemotherapy as treatment, and will hopefully retain her vision. There are alternatives, there is hope!! Thankyou again, Steve and Mary.)

I have dozens of testimonials about this product, but this one means the most to me..And when this little doll comes running into my store asking if I have some of her water in stock, I always have to hide for a minute and dry my eyes”


This helps my insomnia like crazy. The first good night of sleep I’ve had in a while. Thank you so much CBD Living

Riverside, CA

“My new go to for anxiety relief! Thanks Bill, and your team for providing top notch CBD! Definitely looking forward to the other products!”

Live Strong

“My name is Val, I live in California and have SLE (Systemic lupus erythematosus). I recently discovered this water about two weeks ago. I had been smoking medical cannabis due to being unable to afford a vape for the longest time now. Lupus and the pain it brings has long been causing me to miss work or at the very least have to leave early for a few years now.

I also get seizures as of late because of it. Initially, I continued to hold onto smoking because it was still the thing that worked best for me, better than any medications anyways at suppressing the pain and or symptoms from my medications. However, after making the switch I noticed the pain had stopped. I started smoking less and eventually even stopped.

I’ve now gone 4 full days without smoking once. I went from having to smoke 3 times to try to get through the day to just escape pain/avoid seizures, to just using this water. For those who are unfamiliar, Lupus is an auto-immune disease that is inflammatory driven. I am now pushing this water as the new liquid ibuprofen even on people who have a stigma against its source. Try it. Research it. It may just change your life. It did mine.”

Orange County, CA

“I’ve been living in pain for years. Two weeks ago I started drinking CBD Living water and I have noticed the difference. Shoulder pain is now at a minimal. I have been able to walk more and get so much more done since my leg and back pain has gone down substantially. My husband and I have both noticed that I am sleeping much better.

I was tossing and turning before, totally destroying my side of the bed. Now, where I lay is where I stay, so much easier to make the bed in the morning. I’m peaceful and happy. I start the day with my coffee followed by what I call my cocktail, half a bottle of CBD Living Water and I’m good to go. I plan to really put this to the test by increasing my activity but for now I am happy just to be able to get my everyday chores done without the horrendous pain.”

San Diego, Ca

“I used your product while recently undergoing chemo treatments. I found the product useful in reducing side effects”

Dan M.
St. Louis, MO

“Hey all! I live in Colorado and a friend of mine gave me a bottle of your CBD Living Water for my husband to try. Let me give you a little bit of back story on him. For the last month and a half, he has been battling a spike in his diabetes. His blood sugars at the beginning of February were at stroke level He had an A1C of 13…

Since then we have changed his eating lifestyle, as well as adding a little bit of marijuana one to two times a day. He has been doing better, but his overnight Blood Glucose were still over 170.. until now. Yesterday he drank a 1/3 of a bottle of your CBD Living Water and not only did he have sustained energy throughout the day, but his blood sugar levels were at an all time LOW! This was huge! Now over night he did wake up with a blood sugar level of lower than allowed, but he took care of that and got it back up to 111. Today he only took a sip of the water (about a shots worth) granted he hasn’t had the energy, but his blood sugar levels have read anywhere between a 97 to a 110…

Which considering what all he has gone through, is a TREMENDOUS improvement! Now granted he is on Diabetes medication, which he has been on for the last 10 years… the only thing that changed between Friday and today is that he has added the CBD Living Water… this is the only explanation that I can think of is that this water is helping him in a wonderful way! Now my question in, where in Colorado can we get some of this water.. I am hoping that drinking this water can help him get OFF some of his synthetic medications.. we will be working closely with his doctor over the next month. I would love to know more about where we can order or get some of the CBD Water here in Colorado.

Thank you Lisa”

Colorado Springs, CO

“Hi my name is James Esquivel I am 21 years old I do hold my MMJ license and really enjoyed your water and the relaxation it gave me with my bad ankle.”

James Esquivel
Corona, CA