Hi everyone I’m too having some health problems, Meningioma, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, High Blood pressure. Had to Retire, unable to work as a veterinarian assist. my physical ability was getting worse. I seen doctors, had MRI’s done, Chiropractors and therapy where nothing worked. The Pain!! spend so much money on Medications, ointments, creams still nothing worked. Got MM Card, found MM Dispensary and found CBD Living Water and BOOM!! I brought 6 bottles and It Work! No more medications any more. I brought a case of water & trying soap. I get Hydrated plus vitamins and nutrients at the same time.  I feel so relaxed, NO PAIN !! I recommended CBD Living water to my friends. LOVING IT. Thanks Debbie..

Dennie – Los Angeles

4 years after a very successful back surgery, some pain started to come back.  So much so that I had to go on painkillers (all kinds)…but nothing really did much.  I lost the ability to exercise, etc.  Spend thousands on all kinds of treatments – physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, chiropractics, etc because after months of every kind of scan possible, they could not find the cause and thus surgery was off the table…so I was just stuck with daily pain and daily, horrible pain meds…including Lyrica at $425/Month.  After 8 months of this, I resolved myself to a new normal, no hope of ever being able to have an active life again…stopped doing any athletics (been an athlete all my life), dreaded traveling because sitting on a plane was the worst…so at 60, I thought well…I needed to adjust to my new life.    Then a miracle happened, my brother in law, who was awaiting a knee replacement surgery told me about this thing called CBD…he said, “yeah, man…I just roll it on…and in minutes, my pain is gone.”  I was thinking he was nuts…probably smokin’ the stuff he no doubt also got at the dispensary.  So for my 60th B-day, he gets me CBD Living Freeze – so what the heck…I may as well try it.  I apply it to all the places I hurt (major nerve-related pain down my Sciatica and Glutes).  I try it cynically, in disbelief…expecting to wake the next day with the same dull pain I’ve had for almost a year.  The next day…I don’t hurt as much…and let me tell you, I was very intimate with my pain…I knew it very well.  So, the day goes on…I still take my pain pills…but I feel a little better.  I use it again.  Hmmm…a little less pain…and now I’m applying it to fewer places.  So just for giggles, I stop the dose of my twice a day pain pill (I take another once a day)…and hmmm…no added pain.  I keep using CBD Freeze and tell myself, I can’t last…it’s just an anomaly.  Then 4 days go by and off all pain meds…still in disbelief.  I then have to take a family trip out of State..and have to get on a long airplane ride…and poof no pain.  It’s now been 9 weeks and I’m pain-free!!!  And I mean pain-free – I am back to indoor cycling (and that’s no easy class), golfing (I almost sold my clubs), hiking, and yes…riding airplanes.  If I miss a dose  (just 2-4 times a day)…I start to feel the “symptoms” of growing pain…but one application and I’m as good as new.  I have since missed two days without any CPD Freeze…and survived.  Listen, I know that I still have some kind of problem with my nerve.  But medical science, for all its advancements, cannot explain it…but natural science in all its glory has provided me a brand new life.  I am a man of Faith and I just accepted my previous pain, no hope of resolution as a lesson I needed to learn, an experience of life that would help serve others.  But now I can shout out the unique benefit of one of God’s own making…meant to be a miracle in my life.  Will it last?  I don’t know.  I know it doesn’t work the same for everyone…but for those who may ever doubt…and you have tried everything else, what have you got to lose??  No THC, so I can travel with it, I don’t “feel” anything other than relief.  Today, I called the company to inquire about other related products from them…  Alex, a great young man, said I should try the tincture…you can bet I will!!  Peace and Love for a Pain Free Life!  Thank you, thank you…CBD Living!

Brian – Costa Mesa, CA

I have been using your water and bars now for the past 3 months and I just want to say that my life has improved dramatically! I am a veteran who suffers from PTSD/Anxiety/Depression and I am currently cutting medication dosages from my Psych Dr. During the past 3 months of cutting meds I have been taking the living water and bars to help with anxiety especially in large social situations. It has improved my life immensely!!!! From me and my family Thank You Guys for all your hard work! It has truly impacted my life in such a positive way!


Tried other CBD water that was more expensive.. Hated the taste and never felt any affect.  This water is truly awesome.  My aches and pains in my joints went away. So glad I found this water!

Pam R.

I just purchased and used a eucalyptus bath bomb from the Nirvana Store in Glendale AZ and just wanted to say how happy I am with the product. It smelled great and I’ll definitely buy again. Thanks

Adam G.

A family member has terminal leiomyosarcoma and very often the only thing they can ingest is your CBD Living Water, especially now in the final months. Even when medical marijuana has been ineffective in stimulating the appetite and curbing the pain, the CBD Living Water has helped. It is expensive, but for the relief that it is bringing, it has been worth it. Our family all pitches in to keep the supply coming. I will admit that delivery has been an issue and at times, customer service has been spotty, but the relief this product brings helps to make up for that.

Kathy F.

I had a total hip replacement in May, but I heard from several friends that they had issues with the narcotics that they gave them for post-op pain relief. I didn’t want to deal with constipation, grogginess, or, god forbid, addiction. I had already been taking CBD gummies for my hip pain before the operation, and it really helped me continue with my activities, so I knew it worked. So, I told my doctors I would have the narcotics on hand, but would not be taking them. Taking 2 of these gummies 2-3 times a day for pain management worked wonders for the first 2-3 painful weeks of post op. I only took Tylenol 2x the whole time, but I relied on CBD and essential oils (nausea) as my pain management protocol. I’ve been singing CBDs praises ever since! Thank you!!!

Evie A.

My CBD Story….

I found CBD by necessity!! My own pain management skills were being tested to my wits end.  I needed to find something to help with the extreme pain I have in my right shoulder blade area.  I was injured in 1997 and after 5 years of misdiagnosis a specialist finally gave my pain a name, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS).  It is basically the equivalent to Carpel Tunnel in my shoulder.  No one had ever heard of it.  Including the many Doctors, who said it was all in my head!!  By the time I had a diagnosis I had permanent nerve damage.  Add in a horrendous knee injury starting in 1977, (double knee replacement 2008 & 2014, same knee),left arm radial head replacement, ulna nerve repositioning and if that wasn’t enough,fibromyalgia!  My quality of life was at an all-time low! The spring of 2017 in the North East had an enormous amount of rain.  Rain=Pain!!  I had to find something to help!

My daughter, Kate sent me a video by Buzz Feed Producer Kelsey about her struggles with Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) a horrific nerve pain in her face to which there is no cure for.  The video is about Medical Marijuana but also CBD.  She uses the CBD Living Freeze roll on and gets immediate relief!! I had to try it!! After looking all over Berks County for CBD products, (Vape shops, Health Food Stores) I found nothing!!  I went online and ordered a roll on.  I was skeptical, but was willing to try anything, legal.  It worked right away.  Even better in a couple of days.  Pretty soon I was ordering regularly and was an advocate with my friends and family on the relief I was getting from a roll on!!  After a bigger order to supply friends and family I realized that this could be a business to fulfill my greatest passion, HELPING OTHERS!! I have worked in the healthcare industry for many years and hate to see people in pain, physically or emotionally.  Finding the products that CBD Living Water, LLC are producing has been a true blessing in my life and I look forward to sharing their benefits and the education of CBD Products thru my business CBD a Path to Healing.  I look forward to helping you!!

Barbara S.

I have been using your living water by the bottles and they have helped my AS, pain & aniexty. Thank you, I no longer have to take Oxycontin and Valium.

I stopped all my supplements and prescriptions. I feel amazing. Thank you


Well im writing this specifically for us parents who are at the end of their rope and left with only options that include hard drugs for their child. We thought we could make it thru the teen years with no meds. Boy were we wrong. We have 5 boys and my now 14 year old middle school child has been thru so many teachers and home schooling. We decided to keep him at home so we could “manage” his symptoms. Again we were wrong. Things just kept going on with disrespect and total lack of self control. Last week was our last straw after he cried out to us that he himself cannot handle what’s going on with his body and he cant handle his restlessness. As well as feelings of worthlessness, We were now resigned to give him meds and send him back to school. I did some research and spoke with my wife about the cbd option that ive read about. It was definitely uncharted territory. We contacted a local dispensary and they told us about this cbd living water. Little did we know our life was about to change for the better. Parents!…its been 5 days since we have given him this water. Tears come to my eyes as now I am knowing the son that I knew I had. Compassionate, caring, thoughtful and respectful. We give him a quarter of a 16 ounce bottle once a day and what a difference. Thank u Living Water…you gave us our son back! Blessings!


I was diagnosed with Bells Paulsy and they told me to take steroids and an antibiotic. They said it would heal itself within 3-6 months. My Girlfriend recommended CBD living water and I gave it a try. As soon as I started drinking it, I started feeling the sensation back in my face. I was back to my normal self within a month and a half. I swear by this water. I would recommend it to anyone I know.

Enrique Mariscal

“We just received our first shipment of Freeze, and within minutes of applying my daughters knee swelling went down, and her pain went from 8 to 3. (We have pics – she applied it to one knee first, and the difference is remarkable).

I just placed an order for two more bottles of Freeze, along with some water for her to try.

This product is the first we have tried that has helped with pain!! Thanks!!! Would love to help you spread the word to our community!!

Sue Krim. (Mom of 19yr old EDS patient who got more relief from your product than 5 years of visits to specialists in Boston)”

Sue Krim

“This is Tyler while taking his CBD Living Water. The end photo I just took. After not taking his CBD Living Water, the last two days he has been couch locked, unable to walk by himself and very lethargic. Once this CPS nonsense is over and he goes back on his CBD, I will update everyone. This is the power of a plant based oil combined with COQ10. I want my Tyler back! His story needs to be heard. I’m afraid if he doesn’t change he will be in the ER later tonight. But first, I have to deal with the CPS nonsense. Priorities… If he has a single seizure, screw CPS he’s going to ER.

I can’t praise CBD living water enough. Not only are their products superb, their customer service is just as great! I know several of my friends have ordered it and love it since we tried it. I hope to see this Company on shelves in Kentucky soon. If you ordered and tried can you comment below? I can’t remember who all inquired about it, but is was a lot of people. Also, if you haven’t already, go and check out their page. I know you’ll like it!

Tyler got back on his Hemp CBD Friday after CPS closed the investigation. Look at him now!! His movement disorder of the left side of his mouth cane back I’d guess from being off the CBD. I expect it to disappear again in the next couple days. CBD does amazing things! Again, thank you to all who supported us though this, and Happy Birthday to Gunnar! Thanks for letting Tyler play your guitar with your band, dude! ? “

AmandaLexington, KY

“Jessica was diagnosed at 18 months of age with bilateral optic gliomas. That was June 2nd 2015. After multiple MRIs here in the springs her family started making the trip to Childrens Hospital in Aurora. With each scan the gliomas kept growing, doubling in size from 9 millimeters at first, to 18 by 15 millimeters. In April of this year, I met this family and gave them their first bottle of CBD Living Water for Jessica to try.

It has been just over six months of her drinking CBD water and her gliomas have drastically shrunk down to 12 by 12 millimeters and the water is the only thing that has worked, and brought a change in the bad news that her and her family had been getting for a year straight..(My wife and I cannot thank you enough, that there is now hope that our little girl will not have to endure the doctors plans of chemotherapy as treatment, and will hopefully retain her vision. There are alternatives, there is hope!! Thankyou again, Steve and Mary.)

I have dozens of testimonials about this product, but this one means the most to me..And when this little doll comes running into my store asking if I have some of her water in stock, I always have to hide for a minute and dry my eyes”


This helps my insomnia like crazy. The first good night of sleep I’ve had in a while. Thank you so much CBD Living

HayleyRiverside, CA

“My new go to for anxiety relief! Thanks Bill, and your team for providing top notch CBD! Definitely looking forward to the other products!”

WillLive Strong

“My name is Val, I live in California and have SLE (Systemic lupus erythematosus). I recently discovered this water about two weeks ago. I had been smoking medical cannabis due to being unable to afford a vape for the longest time now. Lupus and the pain it brings has long been causing me to miss work or at the very least have to leave early for a few years now.

I also get seizures as of late because of it. Initially, I continued to hold onto smoking because it was still the thing that worked best for me, better than any medications anyways at suppressing the pain and or symptoms from my medications. However, after making the switch I noticed the pain had stopped. I started smoking less and eventually even stopped.

I’ve now gone 4 full days without smoking once. I went from having to smoke 3 times to try to get through the day to just escape pain/avoid seizures, to just using this water. For those who are unfamiliar, Lupus is an auto-immune disease that is inflammatory driven. I am now pushing this water as the new liquid ibuprofen even on people who have a stigma against its source. Try it. Research it. It may just change your life. It did mine.”

ValerieOrange County, CA

“I’ve been living in pain for years. Two weeks ago I started drinking CBD Living water and I have noticed the difference. Shoulder pain is now at a minimal. I have been able to walk more and get so much more done since my leg and back pain has gone down substantially. My husband and I have both noticed that I am sleeping much better.

I was tossing and turning before, totally destroying my side of the bed. Now, where I lay is where I stay, so much easier to make the bed in the morning. I’m peaceful and happy. I start the day with my coffee followed by what I call my cocktail, half a bottle of CBD Living Water and I’m good to go. I plan to really put this to the test by increasing my activity but for now I am happy just to be able to get my everyday chores done without the horrendous pain.”

CharleneSan Diego, Ca

“I used your product while recently undergoing chemo treatments. I found the product useful in reducing side effects”

Dan M.St. Louis, MO

“Hey all! I live in Colorado and a friend of mine gave me a bottle of your CBD Living Water for my husband to try. Let me give you a little bit of back story on him. For the last month and a half, he has been battling a spike in his diabetes. His blood sugars at the beginning of February were at stroke level He had an A1C of 13…

Since then we have changed his eating lifestyle, as well as adding a little bit of marijuana one to two times a day. He has been doing better, but his overnight Blood Glucose were still over 170.. until now. Yesterday he drank a 1/3 of a bottle of your CBD Living Water and not only did he have sustained energy throughout the day, but his blood sugar levels were at an all time LOW! This was huge! Now over night he did wake up with a blood sugar level of lower than allowed, but he took care of that and got it back up to 111. Today he only took a sip of the water (about a shots worth) granted he hasn’t had the energy, but his blood sugar levels have read anywhere between a 97 to a 110…

Which considering what all he has gone through, is a TREMENDOUS improvement! Now granted he is on Diabetes medication, which he has been on for the last 10 years… the only thing that changed between Friday and today is that he has added the CBD Living Water… this is the only explanation that I can think of is that this water is helping him in a wonderful way! Now my question in, where in Colorado can we get some of this water.. I am hoping that drinking this water can help him get OFF some of his synthetic medications.. we will be working closely with his doctor over the next month. I would love to know more about where we can order or get some of the CBD Water here in Colorado.

Thank you Lisa”

LisaColorado Springs, CO

“Hi my name is James Esquivel I am 21 years old I do hold my MMJ license and really enjoyed your water and the relaxation it gave me with my bad ankle.”

James EsquivelCorona, CA

“I know how CBD has helped me with chronic pain and inflammation from AVN.”


“I have to let you know how much excitement and joy I get when I share with people how wonderful your products are, specifically the h20. Due to a recent car accident I’m in a neck brace and I am currently being taken to my chiropractor. I’m a lover of people/sharer of all the knowledge I can.

I believe knowledge is only powerful if you share it & disseminate it for everyone to use. I have my CBD living water with me to chow my chiropractor and passed on your info to him. Forget smart water, CBD Living Water is my #genius water!

Amanda Sue

“Love the product! Currently giving it to your dog because of melanoma and it does seem to be shrinking and healing the lump”

BevColorado Springs, Co

“My partner and I have a small consulting company in Colorado and we came across this amazing water. I recently had surgery for endometriosis and I drank this water daily post surgery and I healed so fast, my doctor was pleasantly surprised.”

Nicole HColorado Springs, CO

“Tried numerous CBD products to relieve my anxiety. Nothing has worked as well as this stuff! Would recommend everyone to try it out! Amazing product! Thank You!”

Jason FreemanUSA

“Just wanted to share my 1st experience with CBD water. I am a MMJ patient and usually consume edibles or vape. I was diagnosed with the flu last week which brought with it a horrible and relentless dry painful cough for days and nights. The Rx from the doc helped, the first 2 doses and then suddenly the 3rd dose of Mucinex DM turned on me and caused diarrhea and severe stomach upset! Nothing relieved the coughing; water, tea, shakes, etc.

Anyway, I read in my patient info that Mucinex tells part of the brain to not cough..I’ve read similar things pertaining to CBD and seizures. I figured it was a long shot but I slammed half of the CBD water and I am not kidding, my coughing instantly stopped!! I am so surprised by this that I am writing to tell you! TY for an incredible product!!”

Desiree OlsenColorado Springs, CO

“I am a mother of an 8 years old daughter that has seizures. The neurologist can not find a reason as to why this just started a year ago. We do use seizure medication however they do not prevent them from happening. Upon doing some research and talking to the staff at NaturalLeaf we decided to try the CBD Living Water. Since our daughter has started to drink the CBD Living Water we have noticed a difference in her seizures.

She does still have them, however her recovery time has been amazing. She can now have a seizure in the early morning and a couple hours later be going to school. Before she would stay in bed with a headache and body aches. Even though we can not prevent the seizures as of now, it is such a relief to have something that can help her recover much faster.”

Christina WUSA

“This water has changed my life! Its effectiveness has to dowith all the efforts they have put into harnessing nano technology, the water source, and the purity of the CBD. I have not been pain free for over 2 decades, until I found this water. I tried straight CBD drops without it even toughing my pain. I am so very happy that I get to stay in the game now. I start by super hydrating/dosing with drinking one bottle straight up, then a half every 30 minutes to an hour until… wala, my pain is gone. Then a half to a full bottle once a day after. Thank you from the bottom of heart. I love you!!!”

Susan HudsonCO

“I am a 62 year old retired woman and have been a migraine sufferer for over 30 years. I would get anywhere from a moderate headache to as severe as a migraine EVERY day. Sometimes the migraine was so severe that nothing I tried relieved the pain. (I am allergic to aspirin, so medicines like Excedrin Migraine were out of the question for me to use.) Many days the only thing that would help relieve some of the agony was Advil; the problem with me taking Advil (Motrin) is that I have had gastic bypass surgey and was told by the doctors that I am absolutely not allowed to take any kind of Motrin products.

About three (3) weeks ago my daughter, son-in-law, and I were at Bobby’s Grow shop, Colorado Cultivations and Bobby told us about the CBD Living Water and how it has helped people. We bought a case and I drink one bottle each day. In the three weeks I have been drinking the CBD water, I have only had 1 mild headache. As soon as I felt the headache coming on, I drank another CBD water, and within half-hour, my headache was gone.

I would and have recommended this CBD Living Water to many of my family and friends that suffer with pain and discomfort. I can now enjoy my grandsons instead of trying to hide from them when they are being “too noisy”; this water has drastically improved my way of life!”

Melodi CarneroCO

“Good Mroning, I’m a horrible writer and speller. I apologize in advance. What CBD water has done for me. CBD water is amazing. It gives me energy.. I really don’t need coffee. I just wake up and drink one third of the bottle, way healthier too, I still have one cup out of habit lol. Then I drink on that bottle through out the day.

CBD water also helps balance my mood and appetite also. I can definitely notice a difference in my thinking. Not sure I can explain that one; but calmer, not so much on edge, happy…ect. CBD water helps me with ADD, keeps my focused.

KristineColorado Springs, CO

“I am writing this to thank everyone involved for developing CBD Living Water. Also, Bobby, out of Colorado Cultivations, for introducing me to this fantastic product. Just to understand my situation, I am a 52 year old male with an above knee amputation. As I’m not able to use a prosthetic leg, I’ve used crutches over the past 7 years. Although thankful for my crutches, the continued use was taking a bad toll on my hands and wrist. The pain in my right hand had become so bad, I was no longer able to fully close or make a fist. Not only was this extremely painful on brutches, but dangerous as well.

My doctor told me it looked like Tendinitis. I tried CBD Living Water back in March 2016, very skeptical at first. After drinking a bottle in the evening, I awoke the next morning feeling refreshed, with a ton of energy. The range-of-motion in my right hand also appeared better with minimal pain. Again, with my skepticism, I thought this had to be some sort of “Placebo effect”. However, I continued using the water on a daily basis the following week, with even better results, and haven’t stopped since. My quality of life and overall health haven’t felt this good in years! CBD Living Water is AMAZING!”

Otto Landers Colorado Springs, CO

“Its great stuff, very refreshing and I swear it just relieved my muscle soreness from working out! I want to be skeptical and think that I’m just feeling the placebo effect but NO it really works! I feel CBD is an essential oil/vitamin that all humans and pets should take on a daily basis whether they’re hurting or not.”

Ernesto LohrColorado Springs, CO

“The best form I’ve found so far! Made a huge difference in my emotional, mental and physical health.”

Lindsey JohnsonColorado Springs, CO

“Hi, I had back surgery almost two years ago and have been unable to quit pain pills & muscle relaxers for good because of the sporadic muscle spasms that I’ve been suffering with. I’ve been using your product (Freeze) for about two months now and I have not taken ANY prescription meds for ONE MONTH NOW!!!

There is a HUGE audience for your product and I want to help you guys get the word out about this amazing product! I believe that this product should be everywhere! Physical therapists offices, massage therapists, pain management, chiropractors…. I know SO many people that could use this product to get off prescription pain meds!!”

Cathy LeoneMurrieta, Ca

“Hello, We are located in Murrieta, and I just want to let you know that we bought a bottle of your living water for my daughter that has been dealing with after effects from a concussion as well as side effects from the horrible prescription drugs prescribed to her that supposedly fix one side effect yet cause another.

She is constantly dealing with migraines as well as a very upset stomach and this has been such a wonderful help! WE are so happy to see her be so much more active during her day to day and more than anything be able to enjoy a meal. Thank you so much for a product that helps! I now just need to find a way to keep a steady supply on hand for her”

DeniseMurieta, Ca

“I was diagnosed with stage 4 renal cell carcinoma two days after my 40th birthday. I had a radical nephrectomy to have my left kidney removed, had a 9.5cm turmor on it. I have metastasis to my liver and my lungs. With the removel of my kidney and the cancer itself I have done nothing but pretty much lay in bed and hurt. I ordered a case of CBD Living Water about a week ago. I drink about one bottle a day.

After about the 3rd day I started feeling so much better, have more energy and actually am enjoying life for the first time in 4 months. I take a medicine called Votrient that would make me very sick and cause me to vomit. I have ulcers all over the inside of my mouth so bad that I could hardly eat due to the medicine. I am happy to say that since drinking this awesome water I have not vomited and the ulcers in my mouth are healing, I can finally eat! Maybe it is a placebo effect, but I continue to believe it is the water helping me!

I have tried pills for the vomiting and mouthwash for the mouth ulcers both prescribed by my oncologist, neither of which worked in the 4 months I was taking them. I just want to say thank you for this great product and you have a customer for life!”

Ted DriverSharpsville, In

“I am in Stage 4 lung cancer. I have a lot of pain in my chest area always. My doctors wanted my to take heavy pain medications but my son in law recommended CBD living water and it has helped very much. For the first time in a year I have less pain in my chest and am able to be more comfortable. Thank you!!!!”

DaveSan Diego, Ca

“This water has changed my life! Its effectiveness has to do with all the efforts they have put into harnessing nano technology, the water source, and the purity of the CBD. I have not been pain free for over 2 decades, until I found this water. I tried straight CBD drops without it even touching my pain. I am so very happy that I get to stay in the game now.

I start by super hydrating/dosing with drinking one bottle straight up, then a half every 30 minutes to an hour, until….wala, my pain is gone. Then a half to a full bottle once a day after. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you.”

Susan HColorado Springs, CO

“Our daughter was diagnosed at 18 months (June 2nd, 2015) with bilateral optic gliomas. After multiple MRI’s here in the Springs we eventually started making the trip to Children’s Hospital in Aurora. With each scan the gliomas kept growing, Starting at 9mm and growing up to 18mm x 15mm. In April of 2016 I found your shop and the CBD Living Water. I have been giving this to her daily, trying to get her to drink at least a bottle a day.

I am here to tell you that after about 6 months her latest scan came back at 12mm x 12mm. The water is the only thing that has changed in her life. My wife and I can not thank you enough, that there is hope that our little girl will not have to endure the big pharma plan of chemo as treatment and hopefully retain her vision. There is alternatives, there is hope. Thank you again.


Steve/MaryColorado Springs, CO