CBD Living Sleep Aid

We are proud to bring you CBD syrup compounded by a LICENSED PHARMACIST delivering the best products on the market. Our CBD Living Sleep Aid formula brings you an unparalleled relaxing CBD syrup experience.

CBD LIVING SYRUP is made using high quality ingredients and flavors, all syrup is carefully infused with cbd to ensure freshness and quality.

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Cherry Sleep Aid.

Our Cherry Sleep Aid has 120MG CBD + 16MG Melatonin

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Grape Sleep Aid.

Our Grape Sleep Aid has 120MG CBD + 16MG Melatonin

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The details.

Our sleep aid contains no THC. Each 4oz bottle contains 120mg CBD and 16mg Melatonin. Here’s the suggested dose: 1 tbsp- 1/2oz, 30 minutes before bedtime

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The hypnogenic properties (causing sleep) of cannabis have been recognized for centuries; recently Kent State University has done extensive research on the Endocannabinoid signaling as it increases sleep stability.

In these studies scientists have researched the affects that CBD on the cannabinoid (CB1) receptors in the brain to create NREM (non-rapid eye movement) stability. NREM is commonly known as Stage 3; in this cycle your body is at rest. CBD Living Sleep Aid will cause your heart rate to slow to a regular pace, and blood pressure will be relatively low.

After a short period of time the sleeper will become still and relaxed from the activations of the CB1 receptor. It has been stated, “cannabinoids have been used as a treatment for insomnia”.

Let’s talk about Melatonin.

To aid your body in winding down, Melatonin a natural hormone is also included into the CBD Living Sleep Aid serum. Melatonin is naturally produced by your pineal gland (found in the midbrain); during the day your pineal gland is inactive.

Once Melatonin is released into your blood you will feel less alert or anxious, and sleep becomes more inviting. Melatonin sets the brain in rhythm for NREM stages 1 & 2, allowing the brain to relax, and then reducing brain activity.

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We at CBD Living have done the research behind our products.

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Our products are geared to aid you in everyday life. We strongly believe that the CBD Living Sleep Aid will improve your daily routine.

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